Innovation and Product Development have always remained foremost in our Company philosophy and this is again evident in our 2022 collection of motorcycle clothing and accessories. Our exclusive Richa, TCX, Shark, and Dainese brands have developed many new and exciting products and we believe that no other UK Company offers such a wide choice of motorcycle clothing, gloves, boots and helmets.

The Richa brand of leather and high performance textile clothing and gloves remains one of the most popular ranges in the UK with the highest level of customer satisfaction. With many new and exciting designs in the 2022 collection, including a comprehensive ladies range, and new Gore-tex products, it's continued success and growth seem assured.

Dainese sees one of the motorcycle industries most prestigious find a new home at Nevis, there can be few brands out there that have contributed so much to the world of motorcycling.
The cutting edge design and up to the minute styling make this one of the most loved brands out there and the 2022 collection will continue that trend.

TCX's focus on boots has already achieved international recognition and remains the first motorcycle boot brand to achieve CE certification. The 2022 range emphasises their leadership in innovation, with the introduction of the RT Race model, and several other new Touring and Urban models. All safety aspects are covered within the UK range of over 30 models providing all the needs of Racing, Touring and Off Road users as well as the TCX 'Women Fitting Concept' pioneered specifically to the anatomy of women's feet. TCX boots are worn by many world famous riders.

Shark's passion and expertise in motorcycle helmet production ensures that Shark helmets offer the very best in comfort, performance and safety, developed through extensive research, state-of-the-art technology and race bred experience. New for 2022, the prestigious Race-R PRO Carbon GP FIM, This was the first helmet manufacture to achieve FIM certification across the size range with this helmet. All Shark helmets are SHARP 5 & 4 star rated and are worn by some of the worlds top riders as well as some of the best home-grown talent. The same helmets worn by these riders are available from Shark stockists along with a wide range of other models designed to suit the performance needs and the pocket of all motorcyclists.

The Interphone brand continues to grow from strength to strength with their range of bluetooth intercoms, GPS, Camera and telephone accessories specifically designed for motorcycling and opening up a whole new world of communication and entertainment for the rider.

Garmin was a new edition for our brand portfolio and is at the very forefront of the global navigation market with innovative products leading the way every year. Both satellite navigation units and wearable GPS tracking systems are set to take the market by storm.

Drift cameras are bringing out more and more high end recording cameras to deliver both safety and fun to the rider. This year will see the introduction of the dash mounted range as well as the user friendly Ghost XL.

VR46 continues to deliver the most exciting styled range of motorcycle lifestyle clothing available, Headed by the legend, Valentino Rossi and backed by a whole range of fellow “top racers” there is something in this range for every fan or motorcycles.

Auritech ear defenders continue the trend of award winning products with the rider favourite ear plugs winning the Ride Best Buy award and being used by more and more riders as they discover the benefits of this innovative product.

Vulcanet products continue their superb reputation as the “go to” product on the market for rapid “anywhere” cleaning of all things bike related and continue to be the “must have” accessory for bikers.

As the exclusive importers and distributors of such world famous brands, we rely heavily on our dealer network to present our range to you locally and to assist you in finding the perfect product to suit your needs. As well as being proud of our range we are equally proud of having one of the most professional and enthusiastic dealer networks in the motorcycle market, wholly committed to providing you with the service you expect and deserve.

Finally, all our products have been carefully developed and selected to the finest detail and are fully guaranteed. We have done our utmost to provide you with the most comprehensive choice of motorcycle clothing and very much hope that you enjoy viewing the products and find something to provide you with long lasting pleasure and value.